How can I change funda into English?

You can easily change the language as followed:



  1. Go on the top right to the triple bar (menu option)

  2. Hit the option on the bottom of the menu 'View funda in English'


  1. Click on the top right on the option 'NL'

  2. Select English


We do not offer an English version of the app at the moment. In case you would like to visit funda in English, we advise you to use the mobile version of funda.

Standard fields
Please be aware that we only translate standard fields, like the house features or menu options. When you open a house on funda, you will only see an English description when it is provided by he real estate agent. The object description is not automatically translated. In case you see a Dutch text we are afraid that a English version text is not provided by the agent. Alternatively, you can copy the text to a translator, for example Google Translate

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